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The Story of our Children

We are blessed that the Lord our God would see fit to place us here, at a time such as this. He has provided us our mission to help the children of Africa, who are seen as the lowest and the least, being spiritual outcasts due to their disabilities.  These children have been rejected by their families, cast out from society, and lack support from the government or other NGO's.  Many of these children have physical or mental impairments like Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Autism and life altering birth defects.  They look for nothing more than to be noticed, held, loved, played with, and treated with respect and dignity.  Please help us by learning more and consider how you can help bring love to these children.  Their needs are great and we would be blessed to share this journey with you, step by step.

Your help with a one time or recurring donation can bring forth new hope for these children.  Find out more about what you can do, and where it is needed most.​

Getting involved in the life of a child with Special Needs requires simple love, tenderness, and understanding.  Let us tell you how you can help

Learn more about the "Three Fold Purpose" of Step By Step Worldwide Ministries and Step By Step Home for Children with Special Needs.


"A Home, A Hope, A Future"

For every child, this is our three-fold purpose. 

Step By Step Home for Children with Special Needs
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