"Jesus Film" Evangelism Nights

    Our Commitment to Proclaim the name of the Lord

Step By Step Worldwide Ministries is committed to proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ; and as we establish our ministry foundation here at our International base in Kwaso, Ghana, and other areas the Lord provides, we will be presenting the gospel through outdoor movie nights.

Reaching the lost

When we first came to Ghana in 2007, our hearts were passionate to reach the lost for the kingdom of God.  Extending our efforts even into remote regions, our teams used this powerful visual format to bring the love of God to many small villages and towns. In locations where electricity was limited or unavailable, we used gas and diesel generators to power our projector, amplifiers, and microphones.

No area was out of reach.

The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a mandate; but even so, when He comes into your life, it becomes more than a mandate, it becomes an act of love, proclaiming the message of salvation to all who would hear. We at Step By Step desire to demonstrate that love.

1200 Language Translations

The Jesus Film Project has translated this full length story of Jesus life and ministry into over 1200 languages. For our presentations, we presently have 10 West African translations, including TWI and EWE, the two most widely used languages in Ghana. As we expand this ministry into other areas of Africa, and beyond, we will equip our teams with the film translation to reach each people group we meet.

Message of Salvation Preached

At the conclusion of each Jesus film presentation, messages will be preached, and personal testimonies given, to encourage those led by the Spirit, to come and be saved, laying down their lives at the cross of Jesus Christ. We will enlist local pastors, evangelists, and our own volunteers, to give  a word in season, each testifying of the great things God has done in their life.

Gospel Tracts, New Testaments, Bibles

From time to time, we are sent witnessing materials to hand out to the people. Shipped to us through our USA based "Love in a Drum," loving supporters send us assortments of Gospel tracts, New Testaments, and bibles, so we may put them in the hands of those who want more of the truth. 

Should you or your church be led to supply us with these materials, we can provide names of the many organizations throughout the States who provide tracts and bibles free of charge. 

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