Born October 2, 2010

Michael was given to us by the Dept. of Social Welfare, on July 24, 2017. His story is tragic. At the age of seven, his mother died suddenly. Because the father could not be found, he was put in the care of his grandmother. Shortly thereafter, the grandmother suffered a severe stroke. The family came and took away the grandmother, leaving Michael locked in a room at the home where they lived. The family left no contacts or location. Michael was found by the Landlord. Michael has a fully involved case of Cerebral Palsy. He is also autistic. He is entirely dependent on his caregiver. He has the intellectual aptitude of a three month old baby, not able to speak, feed himself, or use any of his extremities. He suffers from rigidity and tremors.  Nonetheless, Michael is a sweet boy and loves to be loved. When he is embraced, he is content. He also loves to eat. Each day, time is devoted to physical therapy and visual aid to help in his development.


     Born March 04, 2010

Ryan was given to us by the Dept. of Social Welfare on December 12, 2019.

Multiple disabilities have left him completely dependent for his day to day care. He doesn't speak, but in his own way, loves to sing, especially, "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands..." It is important to him that everyone within earshot, join in. Obeng has adopted him as his best buddie, and they room together, with Obeng absolutely entertained by the singing...even into the late hours of the night...


        Born May 18, 2014


Joyce was given to us by the Dept. of Social Welfare on June 5, 2017. She had been abandoned and there is no record of her parents, where she came from, or how old she is. So that Joyce could celebrate her birthday, her age was estimated, and we gave her Mama Connie Lynn Stainsby’s birthday, May 18th.  Joyce is profoundly deaf, does not talk, and due to a physical disability in her legs, is not yet walking on her own. One surgeon’s opinion is that she may have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy.  Her hearing loss does not seem to be congenital, as she makes the normal sounds of a one year old. Her laugh will make even the hardest of hearts smile. She smiles 95% of the time and lights up the room with her presence. Her name truly describes the Joy in Joyce!  She loves to learn. Joyce learns visually, and is now learning sign language. To complement her joy, Joyce is very helpful and compassionate to those around her. She loves to pray and give thanks to Jesus. Her determination to overcome her disabilities is inspiring to us.  We believe one day, Joyce will not only walk, and run, but have the ability in her own words to tell the world her story.

 Sunday   "Sunny"


     Born May 1, 2019

"Sunny" is his nickname. He came to us on  August 3,2020  through the Dept. of Social Welfare. Abandoned just the day before, he was severely malnourished, and dehydrated.  Now that he is home with his new family, we know Sunny will make miraculous progress, all built on the sure foundation of God's love.


   Born September 20, 2006

Obeng was given to us by the Dept. of Social Welfare on June 5, 2017. He was left in a taxi and abandoned. There are no records of his birth or parents. So that Obeng could celebrate his birthday, we gave him my birthday, Papa (John Michael Stainsby). This way we can give thanks for our birthdays together.  He has Cerebral Palsy and Autism. When he came to us in 2017, at 10 years old, he was severely malnourished, weighing only 33lbs.  Obeng has gained strength balance, and agility, things he lacked when he came home.  He has a very light heart, and his smile is infectious. He laughs with his whole being (especially when balloons pop!), and loves to learn. He stays very busy, immersing himself in Legos and building blocks.  He prays with us at meal times and before he goes to bed. He is a loving, happy, and affectionate boy.


        Born May 31, 2014

Adom was given to us from the Dept. of Social Welfare on December 13,2019.

Adom is very small for his age, undernourished, and  even with his beautiful smile, his life is full of challenges. We have seen what the Lord can do, as  He transformed once tiny Joyce, by the power of His love. We have faith that  His Heavenly Father sent him to us, that He might bring forth healing, restoration, and the future He pre-ordained. 

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